Speak Low

Speak Low by Bari Hyman

Speak Low mp3 album by Bari Hyman

Released: November 30, 2006
Runtime: 51:23
Label: Bari Hyman
Download: Speak Low
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Track List:

Moonlight in Vermont.mp3  4:16 min
Speak Low.mp3  5:20 min
You Dont Know What Love Is.mp3  6:34 min
Ive Got the World On a String.mp3  2:56 min
Moondance.mp3  5:28 min
To Say Goodbye - Dont Get Around Much Anymore.mp3  7:08 min
Its Magic.mp3  4:17 min
And When I Die.mp3  6:01 min
Song for You.mp3  5:41 min
Down Here On the Ground.mp3  3:42 min...

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