Koudan Jikkyou Ongensyu : No.24

Koudan Jikkyou Ongensyu : No.24 by Koudan Kyoukai Koudanshi

Koudan Jikkyou Ongensyu : No.24 mp3 album by Koudan Kyoukai Koudanshi

Released: November 2, 2011
Runtime: 1:32:58
Label: Slowball Records
Download: Koudan Jikkyou Ongensyu : No.24
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Track List:

Rikidouzanmonogatari Nihonpuroresunoyoake/Nanboku Tanabe.mp3  17:22 min
Bunkashiranami Wakunimochi/Teizan Ichiryusai.mp3  26:00 min
Hounensyouningoichidaiki Akashisadaakira/Kinsei Takarai.mp3  27:37 min
Sakamotoryoumatooryou/Kinsei Takarai.mp3  21:59 min...

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