Queens of Ra

Queens of Ra by Various artists

Queens of Ra mp3 album by Various artists

Released: 2006

Label: MLP
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Track List:

Cest fini jen ai marre (Cheikha Remitti).mp3  6:07 min
Rani alla mrida (Cheikha Remitti).mp3  6:29 min
Hya bghate sahra (Cheikha Remitti).mp3  6:18 min
Ghir baroud (Cheikha Remitti).mp3  6:23 min
El dzair (Cheikha Remitti).mp3  6:30 min
Hahi jate (Cheikha Remitti).mp3  6:28 min
Rabi ya rabi yasidi (Cheikha Remitti).mp3  6:54 min
La surprise machi hak aalik (Cheba Djenet).mp3  5:14 min
El kheire li kayen (Cheba Djenet).mp3  5:12 min
Dour rasek (Cheba Djenet).mp3  4:59 min
Dour rasek 2 (Cheba Djenet).mp3  5:17 min
Yali yali hagda (Cheba Djenet).mp3  5:23 min
Oujad rouhak (Cheba Djenet).mp3  5:33 min...

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