Heritage Of The Blues

Heritage Of The Blues by Mississippi Fred McDowell

Heritage Of The Blues mp3 album by Mississippi Fred McDowell

Released: June 2, 2009
Runtime: 35:22
Label: Hightone
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Track List:

Waiting for My Baby (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  3:19 min
The Girl Im Loving (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  2:51 min
Going Down South, Carry My Whip (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  3:02 min
Goin Over The Hill (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  2:00 min
Diving Duck Blues (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  4:32 min
My Baby Dont Treat Me Like Human Kind (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  2:19 min
Jim Steam Killed Lula (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  2:51 min
Just A Little More Faith (Fred McDowell).mp3  2:53 min
Down On Dankins Farm (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  3:41 min
Pea Vine Special (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  2:10 min
You Got To Move (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  2:43 min
Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning (Mississippi Fred McDowell).mp3  3:01 min...

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