Huge Humans

Huge Humans by Spunkshine

Huge Humans mp3 album by Spunkshine

Released: July 5, 2011
Runtime: 1:12:05
Label: Academy of Fists
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Track List:

Huge Humans.mp3  4:09 min
Speciousness.mp3  5:46 min
Grooving The Intellect.mp3  4:51 min
Replacing The Fuel Rods At SL-1.mp3  5:30 min
We Were Kings On That Day....mp3  4:12 min
Brokering An Accord With Hominids.mp3  5:49 min
Funner.mp3  5:01 min
Sabyinyo (Rwanda).mp3  5:19 min
Make Room!.mp3  3:37 min
Theyll Be Gone Soon.mp3  3:59 min
On, Wisconsin!.mp3  4:10 min
Hoary Shroud Of Oblivion.mp3  6:02 min
Priming The Bolts.mp3  3:29 min
There Will Be Cake!.mp3  5:37 min
Spunkshine Builds An Imperfect Time-Machine.mp3  4:34 min...

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