Swings Softly

Swings Softly by Rosemary Clooney

Swings Softly mp3 album by Rosemary Clooney

Released: June 15, 2010
Runtime: 30:45
Label: Verve
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Track List:

For You.mp3  1:55 min
Always Together.mp3  2:47 min
You Ol Son Of A Gun.mp3  2:31 min
I Wonder.mp3  2:48 min
Always Be In Love.mp3  2:23 min
Grieving For You.mp3  2:46 min
With You And Me.mp3  2:20 min
Looking For A Boy.mp3  2:12 min
With The Night.mp3  2:57 min
Love Eyes.mp3  2:29 min
Sorry For Myself.mp3  2:39 min
Keep It Simple.mp3  2:58 min...

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