CPH Slim

CPH Slim by Nisse Thorbj

CPH Slim mp3 album by Nisse Thorbj

Released: March 9, 2009
Runtime: 31:27
Label: Cope Records
Download: CPH Slim
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Track List:

The Scarecrow.mp3  3:17 min
The Waterfront.mp3  3:55 min
Goin Down To Gainesville.mp3  3:53 min
I Told You So.mp3  3:50 min
Where Did You Sleep Last Night.mp3  3:09 min
LetS Go Out.mp3  2:31 min
Waiting On An Angel.mp3  3:39 min
Last Fair Deal.mp3  2:42 min
The End Of The Road.mp3  2:11 min
Poor Boy.mp3  2:20 min...

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