Each Day Is Valentines Day

Each Day Is Valentines Day by Chet Baker

Each Day Is Valentines Day mp3 album by Chet Baker

Released: 2006
Runtime: 41:06
Download: Each Day Is Valentines Day
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Track List:

Embraceable You (Digitally Remastered 04) (Chet Baker).mp3  2:09 min
My Ideal (Digitally Remastered 04) (Chet Baker).mp3  4:23 min
The Nearness Of You (1998 Digital Remaster) (Gerry Mulligan).mp3  2:52 min
I Remember You (Digitally Remastered) (Chet Baker).mp3  3:15 min
You Dont Know What Love Is (Digitally Remastered) (Chet Baker).mp3  4:50 min
How Long Has This Been Going On (Digitally Remastered) (Chet Baker).mp3  2:48 min
Let Me Be Loved (Vocal) (Chet Baker/Bud Shank).mp3  2:15 min
They All Laughed (Chet Baker).mp3  2:10 min
Moonlight In Vermont (Live) (24-Bit Mastering) (2001 Digital Remaster) (Chet Baker).mp3  5:07 min
Come Rain Or Come Shine (Digitally Remastered) (Chet Baker).mp3  2:08 min
Long Ago (And Far Away) (Digitally Remastered) (Chet Baker).mp3  3:58 min
My Funny Valentine (Live) (Digitally Remastered 04) (Gerry Mulligan Quartet With Chet Baker).mp3  5:11 min...

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