BloodTears [Explicit]

BloodTears [Explicit] by C-Gutta aka BlackWater

BloodTears [Explicit] mp3 album by C-Gutta aka BlackWater

Released: 2008

Label: FloodDaBlockEnt
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Track List:

Intro [Explicit].mp3  2:42 min
Man Up [Explicit].mp3  4:46 min
Ready For War (ft LiL K) [Explicit].mp3  5:26 min
Get Ready [Explicit].mp3  1:28 min
I Hustle Erday [Explicit].mp3  2:40 min
HurricaneChris Diss [Explicit].mp3  2:05 min
Put Dem Up [Explicit].mp3  2:01 min
LiL K - BloodTears [Explicit].mp3  2:28 min
Catch Me [Explicit].mp3  2:10 min
FloodDaBlock [Explicit].mp3  3:36 min
The Bounce [Explicit].mp3  4:34 min
Thinking Out [Explicit].mp3  4:04 min
The Streest - Young Pusher [Explicit].mp3  4:37 min
All I Need Remix [Explicit].mp3  3:52 min
Coming Soon #1 [Explicit].mp3  3:03 min
Coming Soon #2 [Explicit].mp3  3:26 min
Coming Soon #3 [Explicit].mp3  3:14 min
Coming Soon #4 [Explicit].mp3  3:12 min...

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