Sa Tree Mai Lehk 1

Sa Tree Mai Lehk 1 by Siriporn Ampaipong

Sa Tree Mai Lehk 1 mp3 album by Siriporn Ampaipong

Released: September 15, 2011
Runtime: 37:56
Download: Sa Tree Mai Lehk 1
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Track List:

Yah Wai Jai Taang Yah Wahng Jai Fan (Siriporn Aumpaipong).mp3  4:31 min
Mah Gaun Dai Nah Mah Chah Dai Jai (Siriporn Aumpaipong).mp3  4:38 min
X (Gah Ga Baht) Wai Lerei (Siriporn Aumpaipong).mp3  4:03 min
Gaud Kon Nauk Jai (Siriporn Aumpaipong).mp3  4:19 min
Sa Tree Mai Lehk 1 (Siriporn Aumpaipong).mp3  4:25 min
Kard Jow Bau Kard Jai (Siriporn Aumpaipong).mp3  4:04 min
Sia Jai Tae Bau Glah Sia Hug (Siriporn Aumpaipong).mp3  4:02 min
Sum Rup Ai..Ruk Dai Sa Mur (Siriporn Aumpaipong).mp3  4:08 min
Sang Kon Bau Kid Haud (Siriporn Aumpaipong).mp3  3:46 min...

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