A?k-? ?stanbul

A?k-? ?stanbul by Erkan Dedeo?lu

A?k-? ?stanbul mp3 album by Erkan Dedeo?lu

Released: July 18, 2013
Runtime: 53:47
Label: 2013 TFM Production/Publishing
Download: A?k-? ?stanbul
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Track List:

?stanbulu Seviyorum.mp3  4:15 min
Ka??kç? Elmas?.mp3  3:32 min
Serseri Bahar.mp3  6:01 min
Beyo?lunda Raks.mp3  4:24 min
Deniz Gözlerin.mp3  4:16 min
Cilveli Nazl?.mp3  4:20 min
A?k?n Sar? Hali.mp3  4:33 min
Haremde Raks.mp3  4:13 min
A?k Fa.mp3  5:09 min
Haliçin Ne?esi.mp3  2:59 min
Kuklalar.mp3  4:17 min
Serseri Bahar (Enstrumantal).mp3  5:48 min...

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