On the Road to Success [Explicit]

On the Road to Success [Explicit] by Sun Colours Poems

On the Road to Success [Explicit] mp3 album by Sun Colours Poems

Released: May 23, 2013
Runtime: 4:13:16
Label: Hollywood Studios
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Track List:

Beirut, a Poem for World Peace.mp3  1:38 min
Flippin Today.mp3  0:17 min
Piano Maestro (feat. John Patrick).mp3  11:06 min
Going Veggie for Life.mp3  0:35 min
If I Loved You.mp3  1:21 min
Marketing [Explicit].mp3  0:54 min
Marketed.mp3  0:41 min
Z Blues.mp3  2:37 min
Autum Rose Take 2.mp3  1:52 min
If I Loved You 2.mp3  1:17 min
Meowing.mp3  0:11 min
Mewoing Happiliy.mp3  0:45 min
Mask of Night.mp3  2:13 min
Meowing, Going Veggie.mp3  0:38 min
Mixed Signals.mp3  4:05 min
Noahs Rainbow Sky.mp3  0:09 min
Noah.mp3  0:55 min
Noah on Piano.mp3  0:58 min
Piano Skylar.mp3  2:44 min
Piano by Kittykat.mp3  2:04 min
Piano Comedy.mp3  3:56 min
Piano Gospel.mp3  2:17 min
Piano, Blue Skies.mp3  2:04 min
Piano, Haunting.mp3  1:08 min
Piano My Foolish Heart.mp3  2:14 min
Piano - What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life.mp3  4:11 min
Poetry in Motion.mp3  3:57 min
Piano + Poetry in Motion.mp3  3:57 min
Reading the Book.mp3  0:53 min
Reading the Book 2.mp3  0:52 min
Right Now.mp3  0:38 min
Shuffle.mp3  0:04 min
Shuffle Mewoing.mp3  0:12 min
Kittyat with John Jewell on the Road.mp3  3:26 min
Silvana & John Jewell, Baker Street.mp3  3:55 min
Silvana & John, Clementine.mp3  2:32 min
Kittykats a World of Letters.mp3  0:36 min
Kittykat Stamp of Approval.mp3  1:26 min
Kittykat the Songwriter.mp3  3:23 min
Vacuum Air.mp3  0:03 min
Seaside.mp3  2:04 min
Topanga Red Kitty.mp3  1:10 min
Native.mp3  0:28 min
The Veggie Wrap Song [Explicit].mp3  3:14 min
Sunset over Malibu.mp3  0:46 min
Back to the Poetry.mp3  1:23 min
Take Back the Land.mp3  0:50 min
And Now What.mp3  1:39 min
Butterflies Are Free.mp3  1:06 min
Empty Mansions.mp3  1:05 min
Barry Gibb.mp3  1:16 min
Annulment.mp3  0:51 min
Cafe Marmalade.mp3  1:03 min
Beer.mp3  1:01 min
New Jersey Street.mp3  1:33 min
Fuck off Mindy [Explicit].mp3  2:52 min
Chaos.mp3  1:30 min
Corporate Zombies.mp3  0:56 min
Daddy Issues.mp3  1:43 min
I Watched the Sunset.mp3  1:07 min
Death Is a Consolation.mp3  1:27 min
My Heart Is Homeless.mp3  0:59 min
Inheriting the Future.mp3  0:41 min
Maybe Monday.mp3  2:28 min
Concentrated Chaos.mp3  1:55 min
Shine on Shine.mp3  1:30 min
Z Blues My Heart Is Homeless.mp3  5:54 min
Inheriting the Future with Raz.mp3  10:11 min
Maybe Monday Hollywood Hills Rehearsal.mp3  9:15 min
Z Blues If I Leave.mp3  3:28 min
I Prayed.mp3  3:34 min
Poetry in Motion.mp3  2:46 min
Autumn Rose.mp3  1:52 min
Route 66.mp3  1:19 min
Wildflower Aka Cactus Flower.mp3  1:30 min
Fresh Lace & Paper Flowers.mp3  1:30 min
The California Coaster.mp3  0:50 min
You Can Stay.mp3  1:09 min
Additional Rehearsal on Primrose.mp3  15:07 min
Hollywood Hills Acoustic Set of Kittykat and Raz.mp3  23:07 min
Cafe Gratitude.mp3  1:54 min
Che Cafe.mp3  0:38 min
You Tribal.mp3  6:44 min
Musicale.mp3  1:28 min
Sushi King Quote.mp3  2:51 min
Johnnys Fave Songs.mp3  1:19 min
Makin a Mess.mp3  2:03 min
Guitar String.mp3  2:19 min
Glaccamora.mp3  3:32 min
Got out of Starbucks.mp3  0:53 min
L.a. Fitness.mp3  0:43 min
Starbucks in Hollywood.mp3  1:00 min
Live from the Guitar Center.mp3  9:40 min
Beautiful Waves.mp3  9:29 min
Beacons Beach.mp3  0:57 min
Yoouuuuu.mp3  7:12 min
Lime.mp3  0:46 min
New Communities.mp3  0:34 min
Heyyy.mp3  0:47 min
Insanity.mp3  0:43 min
Treehouse.mp3  0:51 min...

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