Fever Freestyle Flashbacks

Fever Freestyle Flashbacks by Various artists

Fever Freestyle Flashbacks mp3 album by Various artists

Released: August 8, 2008

Label: Fever Records
Download: Fever Freestyle Flashbacks
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Track List:

Intro 1 (DJ Payback).mp3  1:45 min
Because Of You (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Cover Girls).mp3  2:42 min
Time & Time Again (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Luis Damon).mp3  2:09 min
A Day In My Life (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Lisette Melendez).mp3  3:15 min
Lover (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Tony Moran).mp3  1:37 min
Change On Me (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Cynthia).mp3  2:29 min
Show Me (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Cover Girls).mp3  2:43 min
Shouldve Never Let You Go (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Luis Damon).mp3  2:37 min
Forever Amor (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Dzyre).mp3  1:55 min
Please Dont Go (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Nayobe).mp3  1:21 min
Dont Tell Me Till Tomorrow (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Angel Clivilles).mp3  1:55 min
One More Chance For Love (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (L.A.W.).mp3  1:46 min
Wasnt Love (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Fascination).mp3  1:21 min
Those Were The Times (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Miguel Reyes).mp3  1:55 min
Intro 2 (DJ Payback).mp3  1:13 min
Times Passes By (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Lisette Melendez).mp3  1:36 min
I Need Your Love (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Montage).mp3  2:39 min
What Am I To Do (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Nayobe).mp3  3:04 min
On The Edge (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (The Latin Rascals).mp3  3:44 min
Inside Outside (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Cover Girls).mp3  4:04 min
Together Forever (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Lisette Melendez).mp3  3:45 min
Endless Night (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Cynthia).mp3  2:08 min
You Said You Loved Me (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Safire).mp3  0:56 min
Prisoner Of Love (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Joel).mp3  1:04 min
Stay With Me Tonight (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Legacy).mp3  1:36 min
Be Sure (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Samantha).mp3  1:36 min
Girls Do It Just For Fun (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (Legacy).mp3  1:28 min
Within My Heart (DJ Payback Mixshow Edit) (The Voyce).mp3  1:00 min...

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