I Love to Tell the Story

I Love to Tell the Story by Greg Rice

I Love to Tell the Story mp3 album by Greg Rice

Released: April 13, 2006
Runtime: 49:52
Label: Evensong Productions
Download: I Love to Tell the Story
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Track List:

Tell Me the Story of Jesus.mp3  1:19 min
I Love to Tell the Story.mp3  4:21 min
This Is My Fathers World.mp3  5:01 min
tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.mp3  1:46 min
Just a Closer Walk With Thee.mp3  3:37 min
Near to the Heat of God.mp3  1:05 min
When Morning Gilds the Skies.mp3  3:37 min
What a Friend We Have in Jesus.mp3  3:27 min
Fairest Lord Jesus.mp3  1:48 min
Higher Ground.mp3  4:19 min
My Jesus I Love Thee.mp3  4:14 min
There Is a Fountain.mp3  4:47 min
I Need Thee Every Hour.mp3  3:54 min
It Is Well With My Soul.mp3  5:28 min
I Love to Tell the Story (Reprise).mp3  1:09 min...

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