Beatles Baroque, Vol. 3

Beatles Baroque, Vol. 3 by Boreades de Montreal

Beatles Baroque, Vol. 3 mp3 album by Boreades de Montreal

Released: 2006
Runtime: 56:54
Label: ATMA Classique
Download: Beatles Baroque, Vol. 3
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Track List:

Here Comes the Sun (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  3:09 min
Across The Universe (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  3:51 min
This Boy (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  2:25 min
Here, There and Everywhere (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  2:27 min
Oh Darling (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  3:06 min
In My Life (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  2:32 min
Sun King (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  2:45 min
And I Love Her (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  2:34 min
All You Need is Love (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  3:38 min
Mother (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  4:07 min
The Long and Winding Road (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  3:36 min
Why Dont We Do It In The Road (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  1:37 min
If I Fell (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  2:34 min
Happiness is a Warm Gun (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  2:46 min
Hey Jude (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  4:41 min
I Want You (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  7:05 min
Good Night (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  3:37 min
Her Majesty (Boreades de Montreal, Les).mp3  0:24 min...

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