Vintage Pop No. 202 – EP: Sarah

Vintage Pop No. 202 - EP: Sarah by Dario Moreno

Vintage Pop No. 202 - EP: Sarah mp3 album by Dario Moreno

Released: 1958
Runtime: 10:06
Label: Vintage Music
Download: Vintage Pop No. 202 - EP: Sarah
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Track List:

Sarah (Claude Bolling Et Son Orchestre).mp3  2:16 min
Timide Serenade, Tímida Serenata (Claude Bolling Et Son Orchestre).mp3  3:01 min
Que LAmour Me Pardonne (Claude Bolling Et Son Orchestre).mp3  2:21 min
Portofino (Claude Bolling Et Son Orchestre).mp3  2:28 min...

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