Trance Fusion Vol. 3

Trance Fusion Vol. 3 by Various artists

Trance Fusion Vol. 3 mp3 album by Various artists

Released: September 30, 2010
Runtime: 3:46:00
Label: Reality Bites Records
Download: Trance Fusion Vol. 3
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Track List:

Feel What I Think (Marcel Rossmann).mp3  6:31 min
Watching Jupiter & Mars (Torsten Fassbender Remix) [Feat. Tiff Lacey] (Wellenrausch & Velvet Skies).mp3  8:40 min
Unstable Turntable (Roald Velden).mp3  6:47 min
Departure (Setrise Remix) (Dave202).mp3  7:52 min
Always You (Feat. Gaby) (Derrick S).mp3  7:10 min
Dance As One (Meller).mp3  6:48 min
Afterhour (Thomas Coastline).mp3  9:48 min
Sparkover (Sean Tyas Remix) (Tom Colontonio).mp3  8:31 min
Tornado (Mindsoundscapes Remix) (John Miller).mp3  6:40 min
Beatitude (Sunmind).mp3  6:58 min
Alchera (JPL Remix) (Will B and Steve Allen).mp3  7:49 min
Singapore Sling (Lenny Linus Dougas Remix) (Facade pres. Digital Darkroom).mp3  9:12 min
Blue Velvet (Tom Colontonio Remix) (Mr.Pit).mp3  7:42 min
Dance As One (Brett Wood Remix) (Meller).mp3  8:36 min
Autumn Again (Jason van Wyk Remix) (Rene Ablaze).mp3  7:29 min
Constellation (Mike Van Fabio).mp3  7:55 min
Sea of Feelings (Sonny M Remix) (Sergey Nevone).mp3  8:21 min
You (Feat. Armenian Sun) (Motionchild).mp3  7:21 min
Beautiful Sunshine (Sweet Moonlight) (Fred Baker pres. Iguana).mp3  7:04 min
Instant (Christian Drost Remix) (Pavel Denisov).mp3  6:28 min
Alone (Mind One Single) (Kay Stone).mp3  3:42 min
Another Obscurity (ADS Revealing Remix) (NatLife vs. Rene Ablaze).mp3  7:02 min
Aerosphere (Reyes Remix) (Karybde & Scylla).mp3  8:25 min
Aire Azul (Estiva Pres. Sunover Mix) (Marninx).mp3  7:14 min
Birth of a Child (Alexey Kozlov).mp3  7:34 min
Remember (Instrumental Mix) (Michael Splint).mp3  6:00 min
Sunrise (Spaceplanet).mp3  7:11 min
Earth (Angel Ace Remix) (Running Man).mp3  7:46 min
Road to Glory (Amada Remix) (Nery).mp3  8:06 min
Amphora (Estrata).mp3  9:18 min...

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