Royal Toast

Royal Toast by The Claudia Quintet

Royal Toast mp3 album by The Claudia Quintet

Released: August 3, 2010
Runtime: 1:09:16
Label: Cuneiform Records
Download: Royal Toast
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Track List:

Crane Merit.mp3  6:46 min
Keramag Prelude.mp3  1:01 min
Keramag.mp3  8:10 min
Paterna Terra.mp3  5:31 min
Ted Versus Ted.mp3  0:42 min
Armitage Shanks.mp3  5:03 min
Drew with Drew.mp3  0:48 min
Sphinx.mp3  3:59 min
Matt On Matt.mp3  0:53 min
Zurn.mp3  6:42 min
Chris and Chris.mp3  0:55 min
Royal Toast.mp3  5:31 min
Ideal Intro.mp3  1:15 min
Ideal Standard.mp3  8:07 min
American Standard.mp3  6:04 min
For Frederick Franck.mp3  7:49 min...

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The Basic Sounds
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