Tha 43 Giant : Screwed

Tha 43 Giant : Screwed by Lil Head

Tha 43 Giant : Screwed mp3 album by Lil Head

Released: August 31, 2004
Runtime: 1:17:46
Label: Woss Ness Entertainment
Download: Tha 43 Giant : Screwed
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Track List:

Intro (Lil Head).mp3  1:21 min
Is You With It (Lil Head Featuring Big Bee & Big Steve).mp3  5:05 min
Stack My Doe (Lil Head Featuring Mack Biggers).mp3  5:17 min
No Bulls**T (Lil Head Featuring Z-Ro).mp3  6:23 min
I Wreck Shop (Lil Head).mp3  7:17 min
Say Girl (Lil Head).mp3  4:41 min
Its Too Late (Lil Head Featuring Paul Wall).mp3  5:09 min
All My Thugs (Lil Head).mp3  5:08 min
7 Days a Week (Lil Head Featuring Joe D. Sharp).mp3  5:16 min
Smokin Dro (Lil Head Featuring Boom Dillinger & Big Bee).mp3  4:51 min
You My Dog Right (Lil Head).mp3  5:38 min
Hard or Soft (Lil Head Featuring Mack Biggers & Woss Ness).mp3  5:15 min
Momma Im Sorry (Lil Head).mp3  5:06 min
Skit (Lil Head).mp3  0:47 min
Being a Playa (Big Bee).mp3  1:29 min
Spittin Real S**T (Big Bee).mp3  1:49 min
Mack Biggers Flow (Lil Head).mp3  2:33 min
F**Kin Wit Me (Big Bee).mp3  1:45 min
Mack Biggers Flow 2 (Lil Head).mp3  1:52 min
Skit (Lil Head).mp3  1:04 min...

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