Just Temporary

Just Temporary by Just Temporary

Just Temporary mp3 album by Just Temporary

Released: August, 2013
Runtime: 56:13
Label: Just Temporary
Download: Just Temporary
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Track List:

My Prayer.mp3  5:30 min
Trust in Jesus.mp3  4:47 min
Psalm 61.mp3  4:50 min
Yeah Jesus.mp3  4:05 min
Surrender.mp3  5:23 min
Undying Allegiance.mp3  3:50 min
I Will Not Compromise.mp3  5:30 min
Thank You Lord.mp3  3:16 min
Truly Forgiven.mp3  3:18 min
Look to Jesus.mp3  6:00 min
Undying Allegiance (Acoustic).mp3  4:50 min
I Will Not Compromise (Radio Version).mp3  4:54 min...

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