The Underground

The Underground by Lord of Bass

The Underground mp3 album by Lord of Bass

Released: September 7, 2012
Runtime: 1:07:14
Label: Atmopera Media
Download: The Underground
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Track List:

The Underground (Original Mix).mp3  5:12 min
Depressive Disorder (Original Mix).mp3  7:46 min
Metal Bass (Original Mix).mp3  6:24 min
The Time Has Come (Original Mix).mp3  6:27 min
Let the Rhythm (Original Mix).mp3  4:20 min
Eternity (Original Mix).mp3  6:02 min
Like a Dream (Original Mix).mp3  7:27 min
Dancing in the Moonlight (Original Mix).mp3  5:59 min
Feel the Drums (Original Mix).mp3  5:15 min
My Darkest Hour (Original Mix).mp3  6:06 min
Eternal Death (Original Mix).mp3  6:16 min...

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