Call Me Deezy

Call Me Deezy by Ditzra

Call Me Deezy mp3 album by Ditzra

Released: December 10, 2009
Runtime: 37:02
Label: Believe
Download: Call Me Deezy
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Track List:

She (Ditzra).mp3  3:53 min
Nou op (feat. Befa) (Ditzra, Befa).mp3  3:30 min
Two Fresh (feat. T Lion, Moryl D) (Ditzra, T Lion, Moryl D).mp3  3:02 min
Sin Fronteras (feat. Taïnos) (Ditzra, Ta.mp3  3:27 min
Exkuz Me (feat. Whisky) (Ditzra, Whisky).mp3  3:42 min
Nou c d neg (Ditzra).mp3  2:02 min
Brakaj lyrikal (feat. Befa) (Ditzra, Befa).mp3  2:31 min
Mi yo la (feat. Deekross) (Ditzra, Deekross).mp3  4:38 min
No Way (Ditzra).mp3  2:34 min
New Day (feat. SPS, Anaïs) (Ditzra).mp3  5:08 min
One More Fight (Ditzra).mp3  2:35 min...

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