The Amazing Discovery [Explicit]

The Amazing Discovery [Explicit] by Muck Sticky

The Amazing Discovery [Explicit] mp3 album by Muck Sticky

Released: August 9, 2010
Runtime: 37:42
Label: Stay Lifted Records
Download: The Amazing Discovery [Explicit]
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Track List:

Qualia [Explicit].mp3  1:47 min
Carpe Noctem [Explicit].mp3  2:56 min
Bad Gurl [Explicit].mp3  4:13 min
FTW = For the Win [Explicit].mp3  4:37 min
Blazing Up [Explicit].mp3  3:50 min
Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll [Explicit].mp3  2:47 min
Everyday Vacation [Explicit].mp3  3:22 min
Get Naked [Explicit].mp3  3:12 min
High on Life [Explicit].mp3  3:33 min
Mufugga [Explicit].mp3  3:22 min
Stellar Connection [Explicit].mp3  4:03 min...

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