Chunariya Lali Lalli

Chunariya Lali Lalli by Dinesh Laal

Chunariya Lali Lalli mp3 album by Dinesh Laal

Released: September, 2005
Runtime: 51:42
Label: Sanjivani Digital
Download: Chunariya Lali Lalli
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Track List:

Baba Dhaile Shadiya.mp3  9:08 min
Bhav Se Upar Jala.mp3  4:19 min
Chait Mahinwa Mein.mp3  8:24 min
Chunariya Lali Lali.mp3  7:44 min
Jai Jai Ambe.mp3  4:58 min
Sherwa Shawari Kaike.mp3  9:11 min
Upkar Kailu Hey Mai.mp3  7:58 min...

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