John Jacobsons Music Express, Vol. 10

John Jacobsons Music Express, Vol. 10 by Music Express

John Jacobsons Music Express, Vol. 10 mp3 album by Music Express

Released: April 23, 2013
Runtime: 1:14:51
Label: Hal Leonard Corporation
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Track List:

My Magnificent Magical Music Machine (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:56 min
Seventy Six Trombones (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:21 min
Its a Blast (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:28 min
Tet Trung Thu (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:38 min
The Boogie Oogie Woogie (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:32 min
We the People (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:46 min
Give My Regards to George M. Cohan (Medley) (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:52 min
The Musics in You (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:30 min
Tue, Tue (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:22 min
Tumblin Down (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:22 min
Wonderful Wonders of Winter (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:24 min
Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:57 min
I Whistle a Happy Tune (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:54 min
Rockin on Top of the World (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:53 min
Crash! Boom! Bang! (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  3:02 min
Chanukah, Chanukah (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:58 min
Jammin in Our Jammies (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:21 min
Yes, I Can (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  3:38 min
One (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:28 min
We Shall Overcome (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  4:10 min
Hot Hot Hot (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:40 min
Slippery (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:41 min
Look at Me Now! (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:10 min
We Go Together (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:41 min
Family Reunion (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:43 min
Loy Krathong (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:54 min
Walk Faster (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:30 min
Celebrate the Music (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:32 min
America (Medley) (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:50 min
I Am a Great Conductor (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:43 min
Cantamos, Americanos (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  1:52 min
Make Music (John Jacobson, Music Express).mp3  2:03 min...

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