The Eye Of Time

The Eye Of Time by Chronology

The Eye Of Time mp3 album by Chronology

Released: February 7, 2011
Runtime: 1:15:39
Label: NAIL Records (HMR Music Kft.)
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Track List:

In Days Of Old.mp3  2:00 min
The Eye Of Time.mp3  4:14 min
Warning.mp3  4:55 min
Forbidden Path.mp3  6:28 min
The Coldest Day.mp3  1:07 min
17. february 1773..mp3  4:54 min
The Scriptorium.mp3  4:44 min
Hidden Memories.mp3  0:57 min
Legacy Of The Ancient Gods.mp3  5:52 min
The Way Leads To Nowhere.mp3  4:56 min
Evil Eye.mp3  5:14 min
Benedictio.mp3  0:46 min
Father Godthart.mp3  5:07 min
Neverending Dreams.mp3  1:21 min
Close To Me.mp3  5:26 min
Frozen Time.mp3  5:17 min
Guadians Of The Eternity.mp3  12:21 min...

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