The Gondoliers

The Gondoliers by The Doyly Opera Carte Company

The Gondoliers mp3 album by The Doyly Opera Carte Company

Released: February, 2012
Runtime: 1:30:41
Label: Unchained Melodie
Download: The Gondoliers
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Track List:

The Gondoliers: Overture.mp3  5:56 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: List and Learn, Ye Dainty Roses.mp3  3:28 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Good Morrow, Pretty Maids.mp3  1:15 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: For the Merriest Fellows We Are.mp3  2:12 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Buongiorno, Signorine.mp3  2:34 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Were Called Gondolieri.mp3  2:12 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: And Now to Choose Your Brides.mp3  2:48 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Thank You, Gallant Gondolieri.mp3  2:21 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: From the Sunny Spanish Shores.mp3  1:44 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: In Enterprise of Marital Kind (The Duke of Plazza-Torro).mp3  1:35 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: O Rapture When Alone Together.mp3  1:52 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: There Was a Time.mp3  3:11 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: I Stole the Prince.mp3  2:24 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: But, Bless My Heart.mp3  0:50 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Try We Life-Long.mp3  2:05 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Bridegroom and Bride.mp3  0:40 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: When a Merry Maiden Marries.mp3  2:50 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Kind Sir, You Cannot Have the Heart.mp3  2:53 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Do Not Give Way.mp3  0:40 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Then One of Us Will Be Queen.mp3  2:49 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Replying We Sing.mp3  0:53 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: For Everyone Who Feels Inclined.mp3  2:04 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Come, Lets Away.mp3  4:09 min
The Gondoliers, Act 1: Then Away We Go to an Island Fair.mp3  2:07 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: Of Happiness the Very Pith.mp3  2:01 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: Rising Early in the Morning.mp3  2:46 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes.mp3  3:10 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: Here We Are, At the Risk of Our Lives.mp3  3:09 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: Dance a Cachucha, Fandango, Bolero.mp3  1:48 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: There Lived a King.mp3  2:54 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: In a Contemplative Fashion.mp3  2:00 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: With Ducal Pomp and Ducal Pride.mp3  1:48 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: On the Day When I Was Wedded.mp3  2:29 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: To Help Unhappy Commoners.mp3  0:22 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: Small Titles and Orders.mp3  2:46 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: I Am a Courtier, Grave and Serious.mp3  3:45 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: Here Is a Case Unprecendented.mp3  1:31 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: Now Let the Loyal Lieges Gather Round.mp3  0:56 min
The Gondoliers, Act 2: The Royal Prince.mp3  3:44 min...

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