Loves Back

Loves Back by Wu Dairong

Loves Back mp3 album by Wu Dairong

Released: 1992
Runtime: 43:48
Label: Coden Music
Download: Loves Back
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Track List:

Love Sadness (Wu Dairong).mp3  4:18 min
Loves Back (Wu Dairong).mp3  4:58 min
See Through the Dream (Wu Dairong).mp3  4:10 min
Nevet Stop Loving You (Wu Dairong).mp3  3:58 min
I Give Up This Time (Wu Dairong).mp3  4:32 min
Can I Live without You (Wu Dairong).mp3  4:58 min
I Wish (Wu Dairong,Chen Ailing).mp3  3:42 min
Love Forever (Wu Dairong).mp3  4:21 min
I Love You (Wu Dairong).mp3  4:59 min
Losing You (Wu Dairong).mp3  3:52 min...

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