The Very Best Of

The Very Best Of by Hal Harris

The Very Best Of mp3 album by Hal Harris

Released: April, 2011
Runtime: 59:42
Label: Master Classics Records
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Track List:

I Dont Know When.mp3  2:23 min
Sixteen Chicks.mp3  2:00 min
Please Pass The Biscuits.mp3  2:05 min
Trucker From Tennessee.mp3  2:04 min
Tu-La-Lou.mp3  2:09 min
Doggone It.mp3  2:22 min
Jitterbop Baby.mp3  1:56 min
Rock It.mp3  2:18 min
Slippin Out And Sneakin In.mp3  2:10 min
Little Rock Rock.mp3  2:02 min
Lonesome.mp3  2:06 min
Carroll County Boogie.mp3  2:46 min
Im Through.mp3  2:15 min
Goodbye, Goodbye.mp3  2:20 min
Cant Play Hookey.mp3  2:22 min
Duck Tail.mp3  2:30 min
You Gotta Pay.mp3  2:20 min
Gonna Be Better Times.mp3  2:22 min
No Fault Of Mine.mp3  2:43 min
Somebodys Knocking.mp3  2:24 min
How Come It.mp3  2:23 min
Dont Be Gone Long.mp3  2:08 min
I Cant Find The Door Knob.mp3  2:15 min
That Aint It.mp3  2:13 min
Taggin Along.mp3  3:02 min
Wont Tell You Her Name.mp3  2:04 min...

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