Singing The Fishing

Singing The Fishing by Ewan MacColl

Singing The Fishing mp3 album by Ewan MacColl

Released: June 19, 2008
Runtime: 59:38
Label: Topic
Download: Singing The Fishing
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Track List:

Up Jumped The Herring, The King Of The Sea....mp3  2:03 min
Come All You Gallant Fishermen....mp3  1:53 min
Its Up With The Dawn....mp3  4:45 min
Years Ago, You Started Very Young....mp3  4:23 min
I Started To Go To Sea In 1892....mp3  1:49 min
So Its Off With A Boiler Full Of Steam....mp3  3:54 min
When The Wind Is Freshening....mp3  5:00 min
What Shall It Profit A Fisherman....mp3  2:53 min
Its Busk Ye, My Lads, Get You Up On The Deck....mp3  2:30 min
Theres No Feeling Like Coming Into Harbour....mp3  3:14 min
Came Aye Fisher Lassies....mp3  3:32 min
Up Jumped The Herring....mp3  10:26 min
Cwa, Ye Herring Fishermen....mp3  4:35 min
A The Week Your Mans Away....mp3  3:54 min
Wi Our Nets And Gear....mp3  2:05 min
Our Ships Are Small....mp3  2:42 min...

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