Diwana Kailu Darling

Diwana Kailu Darling by Vinay Bihari

Diwana Kailu Darling mp3 album by Vinay Bihari

Released: April 30, 2013
Runtime: 43:59
Label: T-Series
Download: Diwana Kailu Darling
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Track List:

Dil Gutur - Gutur Gu Bole (Dhananjay Mishra).mp3  5:37 min
Fashion Sajaibu Atana Ta (Dhananjay Mishra).mp3  5:17 min
Dekh Ke Hamke Ik Beriya (Dhananjay Mishra).mp3  6:09 min
Naam Pata Kuchhuhu Maalum Naikhe (Dhananjay Mishra).mp3  7:01 min
Chehra Poonch Ke Bahri Jaain (Dhananjay Mishra).mp3  5:38 min
Kaahe Ghuma Taaru Darling (Dhananjay Mishra).mp3  3:47 min
Sutal Baadu Ki Jaagal (Dhananjay Mishra).mp3  6:06 min
Bahra Jaahin Ke Ba Ta (Dhananjay Mishra).mp3  4:24 min...

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