The Flower Song and Tree Song Album

The Flower Song and Tree Song Album by The Farley Flower Band

The Flower Song and Tree Song Album mp3 album by The Farley Flower Band

Released: July 3, 2011
Runtime: 2:11:51
Label: Motern Media
Download: The Flower Song and Tree Song Album
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Track List:

Im The Flower Guy!.mp3  2:15 min
Roses.mp3  1:26 min
A Songs About Lilies.mp3  1:25 min
Girls Go Crazy Over Daisies (The Daisy Song).mp3  1:17 min
Tulips Tulips Tulips.mp3  1:19 min
Oh Orchid, What a Wonderful Flower!.mp3  1:37 min
Carnations.mp3  1:16 min
The Cherry Blossom is So Awesome.mp3  1:25 min
Oh Oh Daffodil.mp3  1:20 min
Gladiolus.mp3  2:20 min
An Iris Flower Song For All to Enjoy and Appreciate!.mp3  1:52 min
Narcissus, The Self-Obsessed Flower.mp3  2:21 min
Rhododendron, The King of the Shrubs!.mp3  2:36 min
Im Talking Bout The Sunflower.mp3  1:01 min
The Pretty Violet is a Fine Fine Flower.mp3  1:16 min
Oak-Leaf Hydrangea (Finally, a Song about The Oak-Leaf Hydrangea!).mp3  2:53 min
Forget-Me-Nots.mp3  1:50 min
I Love the Apple Blossom So Much!.mp3  1:57 min
California Poppy Flower Song.mp3  2:03 min
Rocky Mountain Columbine Flower is Spectacular.mp3  1:44 min
The Mountain Laurel Flower Song.mp3  1:16 min
The Peach Blossom Song.mp3  1:47 min
Orange Blossoms.mp3  1:15 min
My Sweet Cherokee Rose.mp3  1:16 min
Azalea, Azaleas, Oh Sweet Azalea, How About It!? I Like it a Lot..mp3  1:27 min
Hawaiian Hibiscus.mp3  1:26 min
My Sweet Wild Prairie Rose.mp3  1:59 min
The Goldenrod Song.mp3  1:57 min
Magnolia.mp3  1:31 min
The Louisiana Iris.mp3  1:53 min
Black-Eyed Susan.mp3  0:43 min
The Mayflower Song.mp3  1:08 min
Pink and White Ladys Slipper.mp3  1:15 min
The Hawthorn Flower Song.mp3  1:19 min
Bitterroot.mp3  1:15 min
Sagebrush, Oh Sweet Sagebrush.mp3  1:40 min
Purple Lilac.mp3  2:13 min
Flowering Dogwood.mp3  1:23 min
The Scarlet Carnation Song.mp3  1:39 min
Large White Trillium.mp3  1:49 min
A Song About My Beautiful Oklahoma Rose.mp3  1:25 min
The Best Mistletoe Song Ever Made!.mp3  1:17 min
Texas Bluebonnet Song.mp3  2:20 min
Oh Red Clover! I Really Love That Beautiful Flower!.mp3  1:17 min
How About That American Dogwood Flower?.mp3  1:39 min
The Coast Rhododendron Song.mp3  2:12 min
The Wood Violet is So Pretty, and it Smells Good..mp3  1:55 min
The Indian Paintbrush is a Magnificent Flower!.mp3  1:21 min
Longleaf Pine.mp3  1:31 min
Sitka Spruce Song.mp3  1:15 min
The Colorado Blue Spruce is a Fine Tree.mp3  1:13 min
The Scarlet Oak Song.mp3  1:39 min
American Holly.mp3  1:27 min
Candlenut Trees Have Nuts that Burn Like Candles (along with other useful features).mp3  1:04 min
Western White Pine Trees Inspire Deep Thoughts in My Brain.mp3  1:14 min
A Song About The Tulip Tree.mp3  0:58 min
Bur Oak Tree Song.mp3  1:18 min
Oh Eastern Cottonwood Tree, What is the Meaning of Life?.mp3  1:51 min
The Poor Bald Cypress Tree (Has No Hair).mp3  1:06 min
I Feel Sad When Dutch Elm Disease Claims Another American Elm.mp3  1:48 min
The Red Pine is A Fine Pine Tree.mp3  1:57 min
Ponderosa Pine Tree.mp3  1:05 min
The American White Birch Tree.mp3  1:08 min
Its The Northern Red Oak.mp3  1:13 min
The Sugar Maple is a Yummy Tree.mp3  1:41 min
The Flame Tree is Hot.mp3  1:41 min
Eastern Rosebud.mp3  1:18 min
The Devil Lives in a Silk-Cotton Tree.mp3  1:50 min
The Black Hills Spruce is Magnanimous.mp3  1:27 min
The Golden Bamboo is a Golden Bamboo Tree.mp3  1:40 min
I Sat Beneath the Juniper Tree With a Girl (then she dumped me, and I was sad and alone).mp3  2:13 min
The Lily of the Valley.mp3  1:05 min
Oh, Oh, The Mulberry Tree.mp3  1:55 min
The Oleander Plant is Quite Dangerous and Stuff.mp3  1:14 min
Petunia, Oh Yeah, Petunia Flower, Yeah!.mp3  1:27 min
A Song About The Periwinkle Flower.mp3  2:11 min
Poinsettia.mp3  1:42 min
Boston Ivy Grows Up My Chimney.mp3  1:43 min
Poison Ivy Makes You Itch A Lot.mp3  1:39 min
Poison Oak aint No Joke..mp3  1:57 min
The Buttercup Flower Song.mp3  1:46 min
Poplar Tree.mp3  1:18 min
Oh, Weeping Willow, Quit Feeling So Sorry For Yourself.mp3  1:27 min...

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