No Regrets

No Regrets by J. J. Johnson with Kai Winding

No Regrets mp3 album by J. J. Johnson with Kai Winding

Released: June 13, 2013
Runtime: 1:13:20
Label: JEI records
Download: No Regrets
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Track List:

Yesterdays (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Oscar Peterson).mp3  3:45 min
Funnybone (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Kai Winding).mp3  6:29 min
Vista (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Kai Winding).mp3  3:51 min
Billies Bounce (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson).mp3  7:55 min
Lullaby of Birdland (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Kai Winding).mp3  2:25 min
Crazy Rhythm (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson).mp3  7:49 min
My Funny Valentine (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Stan Getz).mp3  8:29 min
Birdland Festival (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Kai Winding).mp3  7:08 min
It Never Entered My Mind (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson).mp3  3:55 min
Bone of Contention (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Kai Winding).mp3  6:20 min
Blues in the Closet (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson).mp3  6:19 min
Cornerstone (Live) (J. J. Johnson with Kai Winding).mp3  8:55 min...

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