Bella italia – Die sch

Bella italia - Die sch by Marshall & Alexander

Bella italia - Die sch mp3 album by Marshall & Alexander

Released: August 30, 2013
Runtime: 1:25:50
Label: edel records
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Track List:

Mandami via (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:48 min
Ti amo (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  3:28 min
Fra cinque righe sole (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  3:39 min
Accanto (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:36 min
La stella piu grande (Alexander & Marshall).mp3  4:32 min
Solo tu (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:19 min
Miserere (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:16 min
In Italy (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  3:25 min
Le stagioni che verranno (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  3:45 min
Gente di mare (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:13 min
Resta (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  3:31 min
Sentimenti fragili (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:25 min
Sento nel core (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  5:32 min
Io non ero li (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:31 min
Le parole belle (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:35 min
O cessate (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  3:03 min
Grande amore grande (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:59 min
Passione (Jays Song) (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:53 min
Vivo per lei (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:44 min
Senza una donna (Marshall & Alexander).mp3  4:36 min...

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