Smash the Disco, Vol. 6

Smash the Disco, Vol. 6 by Various artists

Smash the Disco, Vol. 6 mp3 album by Various artists

Released: July 25, 2013
Runtime: 2:43:57
Label: Le Mans Recordings
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Track List:

Magali (Fisher & Fiebak Remix) [Feat. Moungara] (Louis & Diamond).mp3  7:06 min
Old Class (Mike Vale Remix) (DJ PP & Gabriel Rocha).mp3  6:19 min
Backstab (Ludvig Holm).mp3  6:53 min
Take Control (Baggi Begovic & Robbie Taylor Remix) (Stafford Brothers & Olfulsen).mp3  6:26 min
Absolute Miami (Ryan Barton Remix) (A.C.K. & Slyax).mp3  5:18 min
Vibeyback (De La Rock).mp3  5:47 min
Music (Housaholic).mp3  9:10 min
Up and Leave (Nick Morena & Sean Garnier Remix) (Angelo Miele).mp3  6:54 min
Let It Go (Dirty Freek Big Room Mix) [Feat. Tom Da Lips] (Frater And Stent).mp3  5:49 min
Cant Stop (Feat. Alec Sun Drae) (Ryan Housewell).mp3  8:09 min
What I Feel (French Mix) (Arone Clein & Rio Dela Duna vs. Brockman & Basti M).mp3  6:41 min
New Life (Feat. Greysun) (Jesse Voorn).mp3  6:20 min
Bordertown (Cosmic Funk Remix) [Feat. Anna Montgomery] (Fine Touch).mp3  6:41 min
Turn Me On (Dohr & Mangold Remix) (Brockman & Basti M).mp3  6:05 min
We Are One (Club Mix) (Tim Royko & Cosmo Klein).mp3  6:50 min
Seven Ways to Love (Club Mix) (Jean Elan & CJ Stone).mp3  5:47 min
Tonight (Feat. Lissa) (Brown Sneakers & Dave Manna).mp3  5:57 min
Somebody Scream (Daniel Pereaux & AHL).mp3  5:42 min
Bowser (Tom & Jame vs. Nick Mentes).mp3  5:58 min
On the Otherside (Feat. Tyler Sherritt) (Jake Shanahan).mp3  6:45 min
Fallout (WeSmile).mp3  5:37 min
Im On Fire (Aron Scott Remix) (Kriis Wide).mp3  5:41 min
You Are (Club Mix) [Feat. Gia Mellish] (Shik Stylko).mp3  7:41 min
Strike It Up Again (Mac Monroe & Terri B).mp3  6:46 min
Barcelona (Gabi Newman).mp3  7:35 min...

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