Argylls Fancy

Argylls Fancy by Iain MacPhail & His Band

Argylls Fancy mp3 album by Iain MacPhail & His Band

Released: 1987
Runtime: 42:35
Label: Lismor Recordings
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Track List:

Argylls Fancy - Jig 4X48: Argyll Is My Name, Miss Maria Stewarts Jig, Miss Grace Bowie, Balcomie House.mp3  3:12 min
Accordion Duet: Öppis Fürs Gmüet.mp3  3:04 min
Shiftin Bobbins - Reel 4X32: Shiftin Bobbins, Pat Donald, Miss E.M. Monair Of Bruach, The Fiddlers Monikie.mp3  2:11 min
Hornpipes: Clarence Tough, Whipples Hornpipe, Constitution Hornpipe.mp3  2:12 min
Elizabeths Waltz.mp3  3:30 min
Shepherds Crook - Strathspey: Shepherds Crook, Dugald Torquil MacPhail Of Kilberry.mp3  2:21 min
Flowers Of Edinburgh - Reel 8X32: Flowers Of Edinburgh.mp3  4:11 min
Dram ODalwhinnie - Reel 4X32: Hey Ho! My Bonnie Lass, The Ale Is Dear, Tail Toddle, Sandy Duff.mp3  2:12 min
Pride Of Erin Waltz: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Cockles And Mussels, Mountains Of Mourne, Little Ould Town In The Ould County Down.mp3  4:06 min
Joans Jig - Jig 4X32: Joans Jig, Mr & Mrs T.M. Robertson, Parnells Dragoons.mp3  2:10 min
Slow Air: The Fair Caledonian.mp3  2:17 min
Medley - Ron Kerrs Compliments To Constable Robert Findlay: Slow Air - 1st Battalion U.D.R.s Farewell To Barry Budden, 3/4 March - Mrs. Christine Ogilvie, Strathspey - The Ulstermans Night Out In D.mp3  6:20 min
Tarry Awhile - Jig 4X32: Tarry Awhile, Ewan MacPhails Two Step, Danny MacPhails Dilemma.mp3  2:10 min
Dashing White Sergeant: Dashing White Sergeant, Caddam Woods, Miss Suzanne Barbour.mp3  2:39 min...

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