Blues On My Trail

Blues On My Trail by Frank Salvato

Blues On My Trail mp3 album by Frank Salvato

Released: October 21, 2000
Runtime: 37:39
Label: Neckbone Records
Download: Blues On My Trail
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Track List:

Tongue Tied.mp3  3:41 min
Sneakin Cheatin Woman.mp3  6:24 min
Blues On My Trail.mp3  3:22 min
I Wanna Know.mp3  4:03 min
I Feel A Chill.mp3  4:08 min
Trippin.mp3  2:57 min
It Be That Way Sometime.mp3  5:21 min
Into the Arms of a Fool.mp3  2:50 min
Full Time Man.mp3  4:53 min...

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