Spit & Sawdust

Spit & Sawdust by the Idiot Circus

Spit & Sawdust mp3 album by the Idiot Circus

Released: October 5, 2011
Runtime: 24:51
Label: the Idiot Circus
Download: Spit & Sawdust
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Track List:

The Dark Magician.mp3  3:23 min
The Idiot Circus.mp3  3:51 min
The Catastrophe Of Lorraine.mp3  4:13 min
Horrid Murder.mp3  3:28 min
Love (By The Hour).mp3  3:57 min
Sigh Sigh Sigh.mp3  3:49 min
Rosebud.mp3  2:10 min...

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