The Void EP (Re-Release)

The Void EP (Re-Release) by Stephen Kilgour

The Void EP (Re-Release) mp3 album by Stephen Kilgour

Released: July 13, 2013
Runtime: 41:37
Label: Record Union
Download: The Void EP (Re-Release)
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Track List:

Hallucinate.mp3  3:53 min
Doors Open.mp3  3:45 min
Insistent.mp3  3:18 min
Nerves Of Steel.mp3  4:06 min
Cruise.mp3  4:10 min
Holding On.mp3  2:58 min
Wormhole.mp3  5:18 min
Colours.mp3  5:28 min
Thief.mp3  3:38 min
On The Edge.mp3  5:03 min...

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