Dance of Boulevard VOL.2

Dance of Boulevard VOL.2 by Various artists

Dance of Boulevard VOL.2 mp3 album by Various artists

Released: April 15, 2008
Runtime: 44:14
Label: Mystical Hunters Records
Download: Dance of Boulevard VOL.2
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Track List:

Rock My Body (Miss Kay).mp3  3:47 min
Hazy Dream (Damiroquai).mp3  3:45 min
Sweet Sweet Lover (Miss Kay).mp3  3:55 min
Wrong (Najibo).mp3  3:52 min
Passion (Miss Kay).mp3  3:34 min
Black Tomcat (Damiroquai).mp3  3:34 min
Jeu de vie (Miss Kay).mp3  3:19 min
Right Night (Tobak).mp3  3:21 min
Moving Sound (Jane Morano).mp3  4:16 min
Two Years (Jonny Lee).mp3  3:41 min
Take Your Time (Dolicia Paris).mp3  3:34 min
Hunters (Mystical).mp3  3:36 min...

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