Ceol Tacsi

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Ceol Tacsi mp3 album by Various artists

Runtime: 1:12:13
Label: Vertical
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Track List:

Karabach (Martyn Bennett, Tommy Smith & Group).mp3  3:36 min
Sean Sa Ceo Reels (Gerry OConnor).mp3  3:29 min
Muladach Is Mi Air MAineol (Karen Matheson & Davey Spillane).mp3  4:33 min
Ashplant Reels (Martin Hayes And Dennis Cahill).mp3  3:36 min
Latha BhAn ridire g Ol (Roddy Campbell & Group).mp3  2:43 min
Cathain (Liam OMonolai & Group).mp3  3:52 min
Eilean Scalpaidh Na Hearadh (Malcolm Jones & Donald Black).mp3  3:23 min
Ruighleadh Mo Nighean Donn (Kaela Rowan & Group).mp3  3:47 min
Tommys Tarbukas (Alasdair Fraser, Sharon Shannon & Group).mp3  3:59 min
Canan Nan Gaidheal (Dick Gaughan & Group).mp3  3:14 min
Duthaich MhicAdoidh (Gillian Mackenzie).mp3  3:01 min
Hi Ho Ro s Na Ho Ro Eile (Alyth McCormack).mp3  4:02 min
The Dub Reel (Michael McGoldrick & Group).mp3  4:15 min
Ta Se N La (Eithne Ni Uallachain, Gerry OConnor & Group).mp3  3:00 min
Sliabh Geal gCua (Karan Casey).mp3  3:09 min
A Pheigi A Ghaidh (Alasdair Codona).mp3  4:07 min
Machrivanish (Tabache & Group).mp3  4:05 min
Seinn O (Mary Jane Lamond & Group).mp3  2:56 min
Green Stone Waters (Brendan Power & Andrew White).mp3  3:59 min
Oran Chaluim Sgaire (Relativity & Group).mp3  3:27 min...

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Broken But Undeniably Hopeful