The Best of E-Core Traxx

The Best of E-Core Traxx by Various artists

The Best of E-Core Traxx mp3 album by Various artists

Released: March 29, 2012
Runtime: 1:14:05
Label: Alaska Swimming-Gear
Download: The Best of E-Core Traxx
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Track List:

Klang Klang (Dj Max La Menace 2012 Remix) (DJ Bountyhunter).mp3  4:26 min
Bionic Measures (The Scoundrel).mp3  5:13 min
Yeehee! (DJ Bountyhunter).mp3  4:59 min
The Bomb (The Scoundrel).mp3  4:20 min
Intense Improvement (Dj Bountyhunter vs X-Men).mp3  3:33 min
Little Bitches (The Scoundrel).mp3  5:28 min
Litany (Bjorn Bullit vs Cold Church).mp3  4:11 min
Raize Up (Dj Bountyhunter vs X-Men).mp3  4:39 min
The Wabbithole (El Jocho & The Scoundrel).mp3  5:38 min
Jump (Live) (DJ Bountyhunter).mp3  5:14 min
Thizz? (The Scoundrel).mp3  4:41 min
Color Line (DJ Bountyhunter).mp3  4:29 min
Allwright (Fonzie).mp3  7:50 min
Holding Back (DJ Bountyhunter).mp3  4:36 min
Klang Klang (DJ Bountyhunter).mp3  4:48 min...

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