Guitar Rock 80s Vol.7

Guitar Rock 80s Vol.7 by KnightsBridge

Guitar Rock 80s Vol.7 mp3 album by KnightsBridge

Released: February 10, 2009

Label: Suite 102
Download: Guitar Rock 80s Vol.7
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Track List:

Money For Nothing.mp3  4:34 min
Some Like It Hot.mp3  3:46 min
What You Need.mp3  3:26 min
When The Heart Rules The Mind.mp3  4:34 min
The Final Countdown.mp3  3:51 min
You Give Love A Bad Name.mp3  3:45 min
Love Walks In.mp3  4:10 min
Amanda.mp3  4:12 min
Velcro Fly.mp3  3:16 min
Animal.mp3  4:05 min...

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