Alive for Jesus

Alive for Jesus by Carlene Davis

Alive for Jesus mp3 album by Carlene Davis

Released: 2002
Runtime: 1:17:26
Label: Gospel Times
Download: Alive for Jesus
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Track List:

We Give You All the Glory.mp3  2:27 min
Precious Lord - Yet praise him.mp3  6:04 min
Holy Holy Holy.mp3  4:25 min
Walk the Walk.mp3  5:40 min
I Shall Not Be Moved.mp3  4:12 min
Nothing But the Blood of Jesus.mp3  3:48 min
Redeemed.mp3  6:40 min
Lord I Give You My Heart.mp3  8:28 min
My Forever Friend.mp3  5:33 min
Wish I Knew You Then.mp3  3:30 min
Let the Church Unite.mp3  5:24 min
The Island Needs Jesus.mp3  5:15 min
Hallejuah Medley.mp3  10:40 min
Jesus (Theres Something About That Name).mp3  5:20 min...

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