AND SO IT IS by Eddie Watkins Jr

AND SO IT IS mp3 album by Eddie Watkins Jr

Released: 2009
Runtime: 33:29
Label: Eddie Watkins Jr
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Track List:

God Is So Good (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  2:37 min
Im Saying Yes To Life (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  3:25 min
I Walk Away (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  3:59 min
I Am (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  4:53 min
God Is I Am (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  2:55 min
Swing Wide the Doors (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  3:12 min
I Fly (Prelude) (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  1:09 min
I Fly (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  5:17 min
Rise Little Spirit (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  3:28 min
Standing In the Presence (Eddie Watkins, Jr.).mp3  2:34 min...

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