Underground Hardcore

Underground Hardcore by Various artists

Underground Hardcore mp3 album by Various artists

Released: March 16, 2007
Runtime: 3:51:39
Label: Soundbase Music
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Track List:

Sucker Dj Kold Rock Remix (Lenny Dee).mp3  4:17 min
Funky Man Drum Remix (Directors Cut).mp3  6:12 min
Its So Empty (I:Gor).mp3  5:21 min
Crowd Rocker The Spandex Remix (Bryan Fury).mp3  4:51 min
Trust No One (Richard K.).mp3  4:04 min
Herlok Holmes (Intensik).mp3  5:25 min
In 26 (The Sickest Squad).mp3  4:58 min
Punchlines (Full Fist Remix) (Ram).mp3  6:59 min
Bangacore Remix (Hellfish).mp3  6:08 min
Antisocial Behavior (Matt Green).mp3  6:04 min
Suicide Scratches (Raw State).mp3  5:04 min
Freakstyler (Moleculez).mp3  5:07 min
Mutherfucker (Detest).mp3  6:38 min
Eat Shit (Max Death).mp3  4:18 min
Sick Fuck Remix (Noize Creator).mp3  3:52 min
Come On (Directors Cut).mp3  9:19 min
Ota Czym Jest Muzyka (Intensik).mp3  4:21 min
No Context (Ram).mp3  6:58 min
Crowd Rocker (I:Gor).mp3  2:38 min
Childhood Trauma (Matt Green).mp3  5:05 min
It Stops Here (Rcihard K.).mp3  4:35 min
Pain Threshold (The Pain Barrier).mp3  5:15 min
Pump it up (I:Gor).mp3  3:38 min
Strange Equalization (The Heavy).mp3  4:55 min
Tekno, Kronik (The Sickest Squad).mp3  4:58 min
Kung fu (Raw State).mp3  4:54 min
Get The Fuckaaa (Detest).mp3  6:19 min
Fuck Me Geordie (DJ Smurf).mp3  5:05 min
Sucker Dj Remix (Bong-Ra).mp3  4:43 min
Its So Empty Remix (Noize Dreator).mp3  4:27 min
Neurseptic (I:Gor).mp3  5:11 min
Final Battle (Ram).mp3  4:45 min
Life Is A Bitch (Raw State).mp3  5:08 min
Crowd Rocker (I:Gor).mp3  2:38 min
Fuck Rules (Sick Fuck Remix) (Noize Creator).mp3  3:10 min
Bangacore Remix (Hellfish).mp3  1:53 min
Puto (Detest).mp3  5:44 min
In 26 (The Sickest Squat).mp3  4:25 min
Punchlines (Full Fist Remix) (Ram).mp3  4:33 min
Tekno Kronik (The Sickest Squat).mp3  3:07 min
Children Of The Cortex (Moleculez).mp3  4:32 min
Childhood Trauma (Matt Green).mp3  2:12 min
Sensations Of Pain (The Pain Barrier).mp3  4:52 min
Freakstyler (Moleculez).mp3  4:14 min
Trust No One (Richard K. Aka Drokz).mp3  3:37 min
Strange Equalization (The Heavy).mp3  3:18 min
Say Yoh (Detest).mp3  2:40 min
Hit Lt Maestro (Raw State).mp3  4:23 min
Fuck Me Geordie (DJ Smurf).mp3  1:27 min
Kak Etc. (Memetic).mp3  3:22 min...

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