Washboards And Tea Chests Vol1

Washboards And Tea Chests Vol1 by Various artists

Washboards And Tea Chests Vol1 mp3 album by Various artists

Released: 2011
Runtime: 46:21
Label: Cherished Records
Download: Washboards And Tea Chests Vol1
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Track List:

Hard Case (Alan Lomax).mp3  1:53 min
Roundhouse Stomp (Alexis Korner).mp3  3:00 min
This Train (Beryl Bryden).mp3  2:10 min
Kansas City Blues (Beryl Bryden).mp3  2:14 min
School Days (Bob Corts Skiffle Group).mp3  2:37 min
Its Tight Like That (Bob Walliss Washboard Beaters).mp3  2:29 min
Freight Train (Chas Macdevitt Skiffle Group).mp3  2:34 min
Johnny O (Chas Macdevitt Skiffle Group).mp3  2:38 min
Gypsy Davy (Chris Barber Skiffle Group).mp3  2:53 min
Midnight Special (The City Ramblers Skiffle Group).mp3  3:31 min
Ella Speed (Johnny Duncan).mp3  2:36 min
Canine Stomp (Johnny Parkers Washboard Band).mp3  3:15 min
Down By The Riverside (Ken Colyers Skiffle Group).mp3  1:55 min
Sportin Life (Ken Colyers Skiffle Group).mp3  1:56 min
Mama Dont Allow (Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group).mp3  2:42 min
Im Alabamy Bound (Lonnie Donegan).mp3  2:31 min
Jack O Diamonds (Lonnie Donegan).mp3  2:58 min
Maggie May (The Vipers Skiffle Group).mp3  2:29 min...

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