90s Vol. 2

90s Vol. 2 by Various

90s Vol. 2 mp3 album by Various

Released: July, 1996
Runtime: 53:03
Label: DWA Records
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Track List:

We All Need Love (Double You).mp3  3:39 min
Dancing With An Angel (Radio Mix) (Double You).mp3  3:53 min
Passion (Netzwerk).mp3  4:01 min
The Rhythm Of The Night (Corona).mp3  4:24 min
I Dont Wanna Be A Star (Corona).mp3  3:15 min
Take Away The Colour (Ice Mc).mp3  3:28 min
Its A Rainy Day (Ice Mc).mp3  4:15 min
Summer Is Crazy (Alexia).mp3  4:21 min
Uh La La La (Alexia).mp3  3:45 min
The Music I Like (Alexia).mp3  3:25 min
Happy (Alexia).mp3  3:14 min
Ti Amo Ti Amo (Alexia).mp3  3:20 min
Goodbye (Savage).mp3  4:39 min
Dont Leave Me (Fourteen 14).mp3  3:24 min...

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