Drama – Intrigue & Danger

Drama - Intrigue & Danger by Various artists

Drama - Intrigue & Danger mp3 album by Various artists

Runtime: 23:29
Label: Discovery Studios Tracks
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Track List:

Nighttime Approach (Leigh B Roberts).mp3  1:18 min
Dark Travels (Ernie Wood).mp3  2:38 min
Lurking In The Shadows (Joel Patrick Langley).mp3  1:29 min
Stakeout (Robin Douglas Galloway Forrest).mp3  1:22 min
Unresolved (Robin Douglas Galloway Forrest).mp3  1:55 min
Waltz With Time And Fate (Robin Douglas Galloway Forrest).mp3  1:12 min
I Dreamt Of Danger (Christopher Moscatiello).mp3  1:25 min
Making The Drop (Lenny Williams).mp3  1:40 min
Elegant Crimes (Joseph Carl Ercole).mp3  1:22 min
Running Silent (Robin Douglas Galloway Forrest).mp3  1:56 min
Crimes In High Places (Joel Patrick Langley).mp3  1:08 min
Twists And Turns (Timothy Richard Elliston).mp3  1:34 min
Crystalline Danger (Robin Douglas Galloway Forrest).mp3  2:27 min
International Incident (Robin Douglas Galloway Forrest).mp3  2:03 min...

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