Insane [Explicit]

Insane [Explicit] by Zachary Philip Freeman

Insane [Explicit] mp3 album by Zachary Philip Freeman

Released: May 20, 2013
Runtime: 1:24:14
Label: Dopamine Stream
Download: Insane [Explicit]
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Track List:

Collective Catastrophe.mp3  5:45 min
Control the Chaos (feat. The Scientific Method) [Explicit].mp3  3:57 min
Diverse Dimensions.mp3  5:46 min
Enlightening Entropy.mp3  6:16 min
Freemanology 3.0.mp3  1:26 min
Fundemental Fractals.mp3  3:42 min
Happy Hallucinations.mp3  3:52 min
Infinite Intelligence.mp3  5:46 min
Let the Warmth In.mp3  3:20 min
Negative Nature.mp3  3:16 min
Periodic Phase.mp3  5:15 min
Piss On My Face. [Explicit].mp3  3:48 min
Quantum Quality.mp3  5:00 min
Reversable Reaction.mp3  3:04 min
Separated Systems.mp3  4:23 min
Simply Synchronize.mp3  3:30 min
Stink Finger.mp3  1:27 min
The Phoenix Rises.mp3  5:08 min
Universally Unstable.mp3  5:09 min
When the Peacocks Come to Bloom (feat. Alan Sessler).mp3  4:24 min...

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